get ready

let's catch up, shall we? i've missed you guys.

so I've been really busy lately. i love how i say "lately". like there has ever been a time in my life where there ISN'T something to do.

been trying to catch up on my scrapbooks
two down....7,694 to go

my sister and her lil fam came down to visit and check out a school in mesa.
the very thought of them moving here makes me cry with pure joy!
"Shrek: The Final Chapter" with cousin Caitlyn and Uncle Curtis. Aubs stayed home to rest.
off to do some antique shopping and of course, see how many stupid faces we can make and laugh heartily at ourselves.

i love this girl. I have the best sisters. we really missed elise!

Then we had an exciting weekend with the Reynas, the Yergensens and the Arnells. First it was the Cardinals game.

then it was swimming after the World Cup

Pop the Soda Shop

Wax lips!

Sun Splash Water Park. They had a toilet bowl slide, which was way fun. Oh ya, the highlight of the day was when Jess, Melinda and I were walking towards a water slide and some hispanic dude walks by us and exclaims,"Good GOD, you three are white!"
Who SAYS that?!

and that's all!
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