(mae likes to sneak onto my computer and take millions of pictures in photobooth)

i really haven't been blogging much lately, even though i have a lot i want to blog about
i know i'm obsessed when every thought is in blog mode.
for instance, instead of just thinking about something funny mae said, i think of it in blogging format. like, how i would say it to you guys.
and i'm always like,"OH! i should take a picture of that and blog it!"
it's a little silly.

anyways, i have been really busy, and pretty sick. miserable, actually.
i am having really bad stomach problems and just trying to get things figured out with my doctor.
after several tests and an ultra sound, she didn't find anything so i'm off to see a GI and an endocrinologist, and hopefully a refloxologist as well.

so any energy i do have is spent taking care of my family, working, and sleeping. oh, and eating mainly bananas, saltines, ginger ale, zantac, maalox, and prilosec.


i HATE HATE HATE being sick. i really admire those that deal with far worse health problems then me cause i am a WUSS!
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