portrait giveaway

i am here to announce the giveaway winner for the custom portrait by yours truly

the winna is:


she said,"Hi! I just made a blog last night and have been browsing through other peoples sites today. Stumbled upon this one and the artwork grabbed my eye right away!
My family is me (obviously) 9 year old son, 2 year old daughter, and husband who seems to be constantly on tour. Because he is gone so often,  one of our favorite things to do is sit around loooong after dinner is done talking. It sounds so corny, but it's true! My son has fallen asleep at the table quite a few times. We also have family dance parties often. This usually consists of my daughter banging on the floor yelling,"Dins! Dins! (dance)" and one of us turning on Michael Jackson, and my son, desperately trying to do the robot."

And for the record, talking around the dinner table is NOT corny, and dance parties, especially to Michael Jackson, are a necessity to any happy family in my opinion.

email me (thecheekywhale@gmail.com) and we'll discuss the details!

thanks you guys, i will be holding another custom portrait giveaway next month, so stay tuned.
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