Dear Tom,


mae had breakfast in bed

i had THEE best oatmeal for breakfast
(my recipe: cook rolled oats with almond milk. sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice and one packet of xylitol sweetener.mmmmmm.)

 i went for a jog and jumped for joy when running shorts that didn't fit four days ago fit just fine! YAY!

mae went to preschool and made a radical mask

i did my hair in pigtails

i made dinner


and i drank it ALL up! jay kay. its supposed to be made with a juicer, so in the blender its pretty chunky and thick. After I gagged down one mouthful, it went right down the drain. eggs and veggies for me!

we had some visitors

gave Snow White a makeover with mommies makeup (picture is post-"no! you know better than that, Mae!"/cleanup)

ate some baby pickles

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