Okay this post isn't about ketchup, but this is a CATCH-UP post, and I thought I would be silly.

Visiting my bro Aaron at work. He works in the film department at UVU

Studio A! A is for Aaron!

Playing on the elevator

We went to this awesome pirate themed restaurant in Orem. I only had my crappy little digital camera so I didn't get any good pictures of it, but here is Aaron and Tom playing some GEEtar Hero at the arcade!

This is what we do in December in Arizona. I love it.

Growing up too fast

My dad has so many funny stories of when he was a youngster, one including a sailor suit and pooping his pants. Another where he recites a poem reffering to himself as "Little Wally P." while standing naked in front of the window. So here was my birthday present to him this year:

Its Santa Claus!

The totally tubular hat I won at our traditional Christmas Eve bingo party

I wish I would've caught the look on her face when she opened this doll!

the favorite pasttime of the holidays. ROCK BAND


Any time you see something green, you must touch it and yell "OZ!". If you don't know why, please stop reading my blog and go watch "Return to Oz". After you understand how deeply important this is, you can continue reading. Thank you.

antique shopping!

the end
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