Dear Tom,


we started the day watching "Wallace & Gromit"

i dyed my hair

put on a facemask

mae did some art

and took the liberty of adding to mine :(

and then i cleaned the toilets

(which was the highlight of my day!)

and then i had a dance break

off to Chuck E's for Israels birthday

after that we headed to Kmart, where we tried on fashionable hats

and drove famous race cars

next was Costco for some shopping and dinner

(caught mae mid-chew!)

i was naughty

while we were at costco, we took a trip to the bathroom and mae was crawling around on the floor in the stall next to me. I told her to get off the floor because it was really dirty and she said,"But mommy...I'm a hippopotamus!"

we bought mae a new lamp so she wouldn't be too scared to sleep in her room. She is afraid of the "ghostesses"

it was a success

and tonight is the last night without our daddy/husband. fly safe and we will see you tomorrow!

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