Out of the mouth of Mae

Before bed the other night Mae was being super whiny and throwing a tantrum because she was "Hung-a-ree!". She was standing by the fridge and said "I need foody! I need foody because my tummy is hung-a-ree, see? Its going "boom boom boom! boom boom boom!" as she slapped her tummy in time with the "booms". It was so cute.
I thought that was a great description of what your stomach feels like when your starving!

Tonight Mae was telling me a story that went something like this,"Once upon a time there was a princess named mommy. And her prince was daddy. And they went to the ball and danced! And then princess mommy rode away on a hippo-ma-pot-mamus! And prince daddy was so sad he cwied!" (she pulls a frowny face and fake crys) Then she just stares at me with this huge frown on her face and her eyes wide open and it was so funny that we both started cracking up. You just had to be there...
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