I came across this website the other day and will definitely be using it next time something goes wrong with our car! http://repairpal.com/
We have been lied to so many times about repair work that needs to be done on our car and ended up paying way too much for work we didn't even need. I always thought it would be nice to have a place you could go to where people would check out the problem and give you an HONEST answer on what really needs to be fixed.
First of all, at http://repairpal.com you can enter the problems your car is having and then they will give you an estimate on what needs to be fixed and about how much it should cost so you can compare pricing.
Second, it has an entire database of shops in the U.S. and all you have to do enter your info to find one near you.
Third, you can store all of your repair history and car info on the website.
So next time Fritz is well...on the fritz, I'll be heading over to http://repairpal.com before I go to any old car shop.

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