supper and a scare

Heidi's hubby Roy came into town, so we thought this was the perfect week to go to our favorite Halloween activity: HAUNTED HOUSES!
Our favorite haunted house in SLC was Rocky Point, which was named the Nations Best. It was truly an amazing, and when the owner decided to retire it two years ago, we were devastated. Seriously. Some tears may have been shed as well as some screaming bloody murder into a pillow.
Well, come to find out, someone here in Arizona bought part of it and brought it here! Out of all the places! I knew moving to AZ was a good choice. We were STOKED.

First was din din at 3 Tomatoes and a Mozerella (best Italian ever!)
Roy, you're such a character! (Roy just got his hearing aids about two weeks ago, so it was fun watching his reaction to noise)
April, Heidi, and Me

Our friends Vincent and April and their cute twins, Bryce and Kathryn
We of course didn't get pictures of the Haunted House (The Haunting at Halloween Express) but it was awesome! They had a Pirates of the Caribbean section (you all know how I feel about those movies) and Davy Jones was incredible.
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