reace for the cure

Sunday October 11 2009
Race for the Cure - Phoenix, AZ

I woke up to do the 5k in honor of my mom and her sister Kathy (she passed away when I was just a tot). I was late, ended up parking by the END of the race without knowing it (the race was a big square) and ended up walking it the entire way BACKWARDS trying to find the start line. But the time I got there, I had already walked the entire 3 miles. But hey, I did it. I was able to pick up my bib number at the end of the race. One guy still had his computer on and was kind enough to look me up. He gave me bib number "18888" and said "I hope 8 is your lucky number!" The crazy thing? It actually is.

At first I was really frustrated about not doing the race with everyone else, but after about 20 minutes of walking, I finally just turned my iPod off and thought about my mom and how grateful I am for her and that we are so lucky to still have her with us. Tears filled my eyes as I watched a young family pass by, the husband holding his wife so tight she could barely walk and holding a sign that said "Roxy survived!", along with their little girl who was gripping her moms hand tightly. There was a love between those three that really stood out, and I wished my mumsy was there so I could walk hand in hand with her.

I realized it didn't matter if I was running alongside everyone else or crab walking it backwards, I was there and that's what was important.

I love you mom!
on a side note, there were some AWESOME sites, like this old hotel. I love that it is called the "New Windsor Hotel" hee hee

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