raindrops keep fallin on my head

It's been a hot summer. HOT.
I miss Utah summers, they are absolutely perfect. Gimme THAT weather year round, and I'll move back.

Supposedly August is supposed to be monsoon season here in AZ.
I've been praying for rain. I just need a break from sweating 24/7. (I cleaned my car out the other day and my clothes were SOAKED in sweat. Literally. Like I'd jumped into a pool)
Last night I was trying to put Mae in bed when her entire room lit up from a flash of lightning outside.
So we decided to go outside (in the sweltering heat. Nighttime doesn't even bring us relief!) and of course, I had to grab my camera. The lightning was so sporadic and quick that I literally had to just sit there with the consecutive shot setting on and click click click away, hoping to get at least one shot. Out of the 600 pictures I took (!!!!) I got about 3 that were really worth keeping. YEESHKABOO

Anyways, we waited and waited for the storm to make its way over to us, but alas, we grew tired and eventually climbed into our leetle beds.

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