luv note

awaiting me in my inbox today:

Dearest MJ,
May this epistle find you luxuriating in the spa of endless awesomeness. I hope your travels through Tuesday treat you like the good Sir Wesley treated Buttercup. Thank you for being a blend of riotous laughter and ravishing beauty. You fill my life with giggling merriment and bedazzling jaw droppage. I am jealous of Mae Mae becuase she get to spend the day with you, and you feed her a bottle of chocolate milk while she watches a cinematic spectacle on the couch.
Forsooth, like a painter in the throws of creative impotence I was floundering to find motivation and methods to bolsterize the proficiency with which PetSmart provides sustanance and nutrition to our brothers and sisters of the Animal Kingdom. But alas, as I muse upon my muse, the Angel of Sweet Sugary Decidance, the very Melissa, I am inspired to work with fervor, intensity and a rage not seen since the Dread Pirate Roberts defeated the Seven Seas in a match of Red Rover Red Rover Send (insert name) Right Over.
Godspeed, my Princess; I bid they farewell,
The Dread Pirate Thomas

do i have the coolest husband? i think so!
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