vintage treasures

Thanks to my local Savers, my paints now have a new home. I love it! I've been needing a desk for quite some time (years, people) and I found this jewel for only $30. I would love to get some hardware for it at Anthro or something. Thanks for the desk, Tom!

I also found these vintage Disney books for $1.50 a piece! My family had some of these when I was little, and I loved looking through them. Still do! When I laid my eyes on these, I gasped out loud and I think the guy next to me thought I was crazy.

The illustrations are* GORGEOUS*

we finally put our disney poster up from our trip in 2007. Tom and I have a tradition of buying a piece of art from our trips to disney every time we go. We have five so far. I will post a pic of those later!
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