April Giveaway!

I put off doing a giveaway for awhile since I had some portraits to finish. They are just about done. Sometimes I get a piece of art done quickly, and other times I take forever because I just can't seem to get it exactly how I want it.
Since these portraits will be hanging on my friends wall, and they are of her lovely family, I wanted to capture them perfectly. So, about 50 tries later, I think I finally got them looking how I want. Horray!

So here it goes:

the goods
-1 print from my shop OR a custom illustration/drawing
-Aubrey has graciously agreed to contribute one of her lovely book thongs! I LOVE mine.
{it's a whale!}

the rules

-post a comment with on fun fact about yourself. I love learning things about people.
-the more people you recruit to comment on this post, the more chances you have of winning. Just have them put your name in their comment. One vote for you, one for them!

+Winner will be announced April 10th!+
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