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I am lucky enough to work for an amazing lady, Lisa J. Peck. She has EIGHT kids (just barely had her 8th and final one) and she also runs a successful life-coaching business. My friend Sarah Ward has been using Lisa as her personal life coach, and has had nothing but great things to say:

"Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to model. I've thought about modeling for years and gone through phases of enthusiasm... without ever really doing anything about it. Until now. As I began working with Lisa, she said she could hear the color in my voice whenever I talked about modeling and encouraged me to make time for and pursue my childhood dream. It's been amazing how Lisa's encouragement has helped me move forward these last few months, not just with modeling, but life in general. With her help, I've made incredible progress in trusting my instincts, living with confidence and actively pursuing my dreams."
– Sarah Ward, entrepreneur & model

Take a look at Lisa's website, and I highly recommend subscribing to her blog, updated weekly with great advice!
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