It's me buthday

Today I am 27 years old

My life thus far:

0-5 years
-I almost died of dehydration before I was one and was hospitalized
-My first memory is in the backyard, sporting only a diaper, and eating dog food. My brothers friend went to the back door and said "Sister Peterson! Melissa is eating the dog's food!"
-When we made our move from Taylorsville to Cottonwood Heights, I was in the new house g and my dog kept leading me to the garage door and whining. I finally opened it, and there was the moving van, rolling down our mountain of a driveway headed for the car across the street! I yelled for my dad, and he ran out and drove it back up. We saved the day!
-My favorite toy was my baby cabbage patch doll, Holly and my carebear cousin, Swiftheart Rabbit
-I LOVED Shirley Temple and apparently acted a lot like her and also looked like her
-My dad claims I didn't have a mean bone in my body...I wonder what happened?
-I loved to play our Atari and Calico Vision. My favorite game was "Smurfs"
-I had my first "boyfriend" and his name was Adam. He was such a gentlemen. Some of his favorite past times were flashing cars, and his favorite game was to sit under a brown blanket and pretend we were in a gorillas butt and he'd scream "AHHHH! Here comes the poo! Watch out!" This pattern of dating classy men would continue on into my teen years.

6-10 years
-My favorite singer was Debbie Gibson. I spent hours in my room pretending to put on my make up and dancing around to her songs. I was also obsessed with the song "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles. I wanted to be a famous singer.
-I started gymnastics when I was 8 and loved it. It came really natural and it felt like I was meant to do it.
-I cut my hair really short like a boys (it was popular at the time) and I'd part it by my ear and slick it over to one side and hairspray the crap out of it.
-I NEVER had the infamous 80's bangs and I feel a little left out
-I had a lischp like thisch
-I was baptized a member of this church when I was 8

11-16 years
-I was one of three 5th graders that made it into Glee Club
-My 6th grade teacher went by Willy, and he was the best teacher ever. But I got in a lot of trouble by him because I was in a fight with my best friend and I wrote her a note with the F bomb in it. I didn't know how serious that word was. Anyways, some kid found it and told on me.
-I asked a boy to "go" with me and got DENIED
-I begged my mom like crazy for a pair of guess? jeans and she finally caved. They were hot pink
-Went to my first concert ever, which was The New Kids On The Block. I was so excited before it started that I began chewing my gum really fast and loud and the girl in front of me turned around and gave me a look like,"OH my gosh, you are SUCH a loser"
-Started middle school and was sexually harrassed by a boy in my reading class. I asked my teacher just to move me away from him and that's all, but she made a big deal out of it and took me to the principals, and it turned into some huge thing where EVERYONE knew and there were several people that supposedly wanted to beat me up.
-8th grade I developed a HUGE crush on a guy in my spanish class, and was so incredibly self conscious around him. He started calling me Catwoman, and I think it was because I came off as a snot, but I was really just so shy. This crush continued for four years. No, we never went out. I was pretty much totally intimated by him.
-After eight years as a gymnast I had to quit because I had subluxations in my back
-9th grade I was harassed by a girl in my grade and I have NO idea why. But she was really scary, always swearing and screaming in my face. I started staying home from school just so I didn't have to face her, and I ended up going to a private school for the rest of the year. She told the principal I had pushed her. I'm afraid to get in a confrontation with someone I love and know well, let alone some random girl at school.
-My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer
-I became obsessed with No Doubt and the fourties

16-20 years
-started high school and sluffed a LOT that first year. It was bad news.
-got my drivers license and my first car, a 1988 Toyota Camry. I had a U2 and No Doubt sticker on the back
-really got into my art and photography
-noticed my now husband at a school spirit assembly, where he was being shaved from head to toe on a dare. He was a student body officer and on the football team. I developed a huge crush on him and we had a mutual friend. I was always asking him to set us up, but it never happened.
-started dating my high school boyfriend when I turned 17. I was so caught up in that drama that I didn't do anything I wish I would've. Like Madrigals and Acapella, cheerleading, and Student Body Artist. I really regret not getting more involved in school stuff.
-graduated and broke up with boyfriend after a year and a half, and went straight to Dixie college in St. George, UT where I met my NEXT boyfriend, who treated me so badly I had to move back home and go on anti-depressants. THEN I started dating HIS best friend, and we got engaged and married within three months, then divorced two months later. WHEW!!
-Began coaching gymnastics at several different places, including Rocky Mountain where I trained
-Moved to Provo with a friend and some roomates, and had the time of my life. I worked at a vet and met some life-long friends there. I dated around and just had fun.
-Moved back home at 20 and worked at Brighton Girls LDS Camp with the nickname Elmo. I loved that place when I was younger and still keep in contact with my counselor, Kermit. (Hi Kermit!) so it was the best summer of my life. I love that place.
-Went to school at the community college and studied art, singing, marine biology, and sign language
-Was the maid of honor at my best friends wedding, who married Tom's best friend. Tom asked me out at the reception and I was so excited. I got my yearbook out and showed me mom who he was.
-The night before I turned 21, Tom proposed.

21-27 years
-Tom and I were married July 19, 2003 in the Salt Lake Temple. We moved to provo so he could finish school at BYU. I coached gymnastics and worked at Souper Salad
-We moved to Texas for one month. It was supposed to be the whole summer, then we were going to move to Florida because I got a job at Disneyland as a character, and Tom got a job in retail. We left Texas because I was deathly afraid of cockroaches and the job there wasn't working out like we had planned.
-Moved into my parents house and we both continued school. My mom's cancer came back in her spine.
-My first and only niece was born
-Moved to Holladay in the same apartment buildings as my sister Aubrey and her husband and daughter. I worked with abused foster children and Tom worked for his dad, and then went to work at Ener Bank.
-I got pregnant and huge and we had baby Mae November 7th, 2006
-My moms cancer came back and then back again, and then again and again. She fought like hell and is with us today :) yay!
-Tom and I went through a rough period but made it through with flying colors. We moved into his parents basement for a year, and then made the move here, to AZ so Tom could get his MBA

In the future I want to:
-have three more kids
-graduate from an art school
-be in a musical
-get my fitness training certificate
-be a successful illustrator
-live by the beach
-work for Disney
-travel around the world
-take amazing photographs
-have my art published or in a gallery
-take voice lessons again

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