disneyland day 2

Day 2 in the wonderful world of Disney started off with visiting Pixie Hollow to meet Tink and her friends. Mae loves the movie, and so do I, so we were pretty excited. And Mae had to wear her Cinderella dress since we were having lunch with all of the princesses at Ariel's Grotto later.

Left: with Silvermist
Right: With Tinkerbell herself. She was sooo cute. And so good with Mae. That's my dream job. Think I'd make a good Tink?

Finding Cinderella's picture and Gus Gus!

Playhouse Disney live was so cute!
We headed over to California Adventure for the afternoon.
They added a whole bunch of new stuff to "A Bug's Land" like a hilarious ride on Heimlich. (The fat German caterpillar who says "I sink I vet myself!")  He takes you through all of his favorite treats, like a giant watermelon, and says funny stuff the entire time. It was so funny.

On to Ariel's Grotto for lunch! This was the best part. Mae had such a blast meeting all the Disney princesses. 

Aerial and Mae

Mae loved the princesses. She didn't even eat her lunch. She got up and started following them around, holding her dress out and trying to walk pretty.

Mae found a friend in a fellow Cinderella

White chocolate seashell which Mae made into a trumpet.

"A Bug's Life" 3D. This scared the POO out of Mae. It's a scary show! Seriously. Huge spiders coming down from the ceiling, a giant grasshopper jumping out from behind the rocks, etc. I had to take Mae out, and then she was so worried about Tom. I had to tell her that daddy was in there beating up Hopper and he was having fun doing it. Then, trying to cheer her up, I said "EW, remember when those big spiders came down?! Gross!" Mae did a little shaky laugh and said "Ya, and they sing 'the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout'" and went on to sing the whole song.

Tow Mater Vintage disney tickets
(I took a bunch of pictures of 
this awesome parade, and I'll add
more later.)
Pictures from the old days at Disneyland

We went to a show called "50 Years of Disney" which was sooo interesting. Tom and I being not only huge fans of Disney, but also dreamers of becoming employees one day, found this show inspiring. The spirit was strong, people.
This is Mae and Tom imitating the clock at Small World. It has a face and tips back and forth.

Last night! We were so sad to leave.

What a great trip!
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