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Tonight I tried another healthy recipe. Whole wheat penne pasta with sage pesto and butternut squash. Sounds good right? And it looks good, right? 

Well, I sit down, so excited to partake of such a divine feast. I pop the first bite in my mouth. chew chew chew....chew...chew...the smile slowly fades off my face as I gag it down. I start moving the noodles around with my fork to see if I accidentally dropped a christmas tree in while cooking it. 
It tasted like I was eating pureed pine needles. The recipe called for 1 1/2 cups of FRESH sage leaves. I put in a whole bottle of GROUND sage leaves. I didn't think that through.
I just wasted a whole forrest on my penne pasta. I'm sorry Bambi. You're home is no more.

I thought I could fix it. So I added more cream cheese. salt. SUGAR, for crying out loud. Now it just tasted like a sweet pine tree, rather than a bitter one. 
this is where it ended up

I'm just glad Tom wasn't home to experience this. 
"Hey honey! Welcome home from a LOOONG day of school. Let me dish you up some Pasta with Tree Sauce!"
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