Question #4

Question from Noelle:
"what is your favorite hair color?
there. you can do an entire post about all the different hair colors you've had and post pictures too. that will be very interesting for me since i've never colored my hair...ever."

My answer:
Oh my, I'm so glad you asked this question. Because I've been wanting to do a post about the evolution of my hair. ha ha

Lets begin, shall we?

I was a blond as a kid
(this picture is with my childhood best buddy Ashely Miller. We got dressed up in her grandmas flapper clothes)

And then in 8th grade, it started going dark
(picture courtesy of my 8th grade scrapbook)

I've always loved anything to do with the forties, especially the style, and I became really obsessed with No Doubt. So I started dying my hair blond, wearing red lipstick, and wearing my hair forties style.
(picture courtesy of my 10th grade scrapbook)

And the blonding continued on for a long time
(senior year picture)
When tom and I started dating, I was a camp counselor up at Brighton Girls Camp, and my nickname was Elmo. I thought red was a very appropriate hair color.
(love toms eyes, or lack thereof)

So what's your favorite? (tom votes blond, and i think i agree)

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