the REAL Halloween

Last night we went to dinner at Caramba's (more like Cacrappa's) and then went to a free October festival put on by a local church. They had a ton of games, candy, bouncin' houses, and a little ferris wheel. Mae was terrified of going on the bounce houses, but she LOVED the ferris wheel. I think all the kids jumping around like crazy made her a bit nervous.
My costume was a pirate which I made from things I had in my closet: Pirate lingerie courtesy of www.3wishes.com. (Yes, I have pirate lingerie. We spent our first anniversary in the Pirate Room at the Anniversary Inn) leggings, fish net stockings, and a skull head scarf from Disneyland.
Tom's Costume: Lifeguard. His own shirt and swimming trunks, plus Mae's duck floaties.

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