Memory Mondee {Cinequest Film Festival}

March 2006, we headed to San Jose, CA for the Cinequest film festival, to support my big bro who had a movie showing. While we were there, we went to the Winchester Mansion which was pretty cool! I love anything spooky and mysterious, so this was so intriguing. To make the story short, there was an old lady who lived in a shoe...wait, wrong story. Read about it here.

Here we are outside with my bro and his friends after his movie premier. (he's the handsome lad with the VIP badge)

On the way up, we decided to play

Out to eat with friends/co-stars
(ever seen "Saturdays Warrior"? The guy on the left is goofy missionary, Wally's companion)

Waiting in line for the big event!
It was on this trip that I was suspicious I might be pregnant. Turns out I was right.
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