Happy 21st, Squints!

Happy Birthday, Elise!

Today is my lil sisters 21st birthday! I can't believe it. Elise is six years younger then me, and we didn't get a long at all when we were younger. We were like two nerds fighting over a calculator. But in the past few years we have grown really close, and I have gotten to know her so much better, and it has been an honor!

Some things I love, admire about Elise:

-She is HILARIOUS. This girl is witty. The things she comes up with. She has me howling with laughter whenever we hang out. She's the one that introduced me to the word "anywhoodles" and I use it to this day. She also has the best laugh on the planet. She's really fun to be with! (look)

-She's smart. I remember when she was still in high school, my mom told me that Elise would miss classes and barely study, and still get A's. She's majoring in Biology, just like our dad, and wants to work with Manatees (just like I did, and still do). She rips through books like no ones business. (I think she read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in like...10 hours?)

-She's got a beautiful singing voice and an amazing talent on the piano. She's not a show off though. You'd have to catch her singing to know. She's incredibly humble about her talents.
-She's artistic. She does these amazing pixel dolls (I tried once and failed mis
erably), she can sew the cutest stuff, and she can draw.

-She has a huge heart. She is always concerned with the well-being of others, and since the first time my mom got cancer, has probably been the one out of all us kids to be affected the most. Which is saying a lot.

-This girl is going to make a rockin' wife! First of all, she's not high maintenance. She loves video games, she can cook really well, her movie taste is awesome, and she's beautiful.
-She's beautiful. I just said this. But let me expand on this fact. She has GORGEOUS green eyes, the cutest nose, and really pretty lips. Perfect hair, cute feet, and a curvaceous figure! And her smile is awesome.

-She's a good girl. She has brought my parents no grief whatsoever when it comes to making righteous decisions. She knows who she is, and where she is going.
-She's a wonderful aunt. Her two nieces adore her.

I could go on and on about my dear lil sister, Squints. I love you Elise, hope you have a marvelous birthday!
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