Kill me now

My ADHD is setting in and I'm just wandering around staring at boxes and all our crap piling up. Okay, seriously. How can three people have so much stuff? And I hate the last day of packing. The first couple of days I'm all organized and pack things in categories. Then you get to the end and theres just little odds and ends to pack, and I hate that. I seriously pick something up, stare at it, put it back down, walk around, and repeat. And poor Mae has been watching movie after movie. Her brain is going to be fried. So, I decided I needed a break.
About two months ago my jewelry box broke, and I've been keeping my jewelry in a bowl. I have a whole box full of wooden frames, old jewelry boxes, etc. to mod podge and sell. I grabbed a jewelry box I found at the D.I. and decided to make my own. I'm so glad I didn't have to go spend the money on one.

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