The Dark Knight

This morning, VERY early this morning, I should say, we went to the 12am showing of
"The Dark Knight"

I don't even know where to begin. This movie was incredible. Heath Ledger as the Joker? Intense, amazing...When they announced that he would be playing the Joker, I thought it was perfect. He has that wide smile, ya know? I had thee BIGGEST crush on him for the longest time, and it was so interesting to see him in the role, because its not Heath Ledger. He literally BECAME the Joker. I mean, when he was on screen, you couldn't take your eyes off of him. And his laugh? Wow..chills up and down my spine. Not to mention, the story was great, the action was crazy, and it dark. It was a dark movie. And for some reason, I like dark and dreary stuff, as long as its not like..evil. And this wasn't one of those movies you leave with a yucky feeling. It was just GOOD. I am devastated that Heath Ledger is gone. He will be sorely missed in the next one.

So, go see it. I want to go see it again. Tonight.
(Just reading this over, I'm realizing what an idiot I sound like. But I don't care. Just go see it)

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