Tom and I left on the 19th of July (also our five year anniversary!) to go apartment shopping in Arizona. Our friends Taylor and Megan have been kind enough to let us stay at their apartment while they are away on Taylors internship (Taylor is also a student at Thunderbird). So thanks, Megan and Taylor! You guys are the best :)
We settled in, took a nap, and then headed to Mesa to see our good friends Jess and Abe.
First, Tom joined Abe's indoor soccer team for a match. They were defeated. *sniff* but it was fun to watch, nevertheless.
Then the Reynas took us to a favorite eatery called "Oreganos" which was delicious Italian goodness. Jess and I brought our cameras to take pictures for our blogs, but we both forgot to take one in the restaruant. We were just having too much fun! So we took some pics in the car.

The lovely Reyna family

Sunday , our good friend and brother, Joshua Egan, took us to apartment hunt. He has his real estate license, so he was ready to negotiate and get us a good deal, and boy did he ever! We found the CUTEST place. Not only cute, but very nice. Nice area, gated, big heated pool open 24 hours a day, 24 hour fitness room (with a rotating climbing wall, no less) a movie theater that you can reserve, billiards, and more. Best of all, we got $300 dollars off our monthly rent for our entire lease term. Amazing. Josh...we love you. Our apartment is on the second floor which is also the top (no noise!) and I LOVE it. It has a big kitchen , two patios, two bedroom, two bath, a dining area, and best of all, we have our own little front yard. I'm really excited and grateful that we found such a nice place on such short notice.
That night, we went to dinner at Mimi's and then headed over to the theater to see "The Dark Knight" with Josh (the second time for all of us, and YES, it was just as good !)
Today, we're going over to our apartment to sign the lease and make the deal a done deal, then we're going to a waterpark. Its been a great trip so far!
Thanks to this dashing young fellow, Tom and I are married. He was a mutual friend in high school, and I was always asking him to set Tom and I up. (But alas, Tom was a senior and too cool for some random sophmore, so I just admired him from a far)
Josh even wrote in my year book "You and Tom are going to have lots of kids!" Woa man...woa. Who knew that Josh's words were a sign of the future?
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