You have entered...the Twilight Zone...

I started "Eclipse" a couple of days ago and finished it tonight. There are some good things about this (maybe I'll actually get some stuff done, become productive again, and get to bed at a good time, instead of reading 24/7) but bad things too: I'm already going through withdrawals. What am I going to do with my LIFE! Whats going to happen next!? Poor Jacob! I mean, I'm glad Bella chose Edward. They're soul mates, HELLO! But poor, poor Jacob. And DAMN you, Stephanie Meyers for writing such good material. Its been a long time since I've read a book where I've grown to care so deeply about the characters. During "New Moon" I was so sad the entire time that Edward wasn't around. I felt like my own heart was broken. So silly! Ah, but so true. I love books like that.
So...does anyone know when the next one is coming out? Tomorrow? Tonight? Five minutes? *sigh*
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