Relay for Life

Its been awhile! I have a lot to post, but for now I will just announce that I will be taking part in "Relay for Life" at Butler Park. I will have a booth there with all my schtuff+some of my families goods. Things I'm selling? Well, breast cancer themed stuff (of course) including some fun cards and t-shirts, and also the usual. (handmade journals, albums, etc.) It'll be a plethora of goodness.
I have felt so guilty, the last couple of days. I've stuck Mae in front of the TV in order to keep her busy while I get it all ready. She plays with her toys, reads, and colors, but when she gets sick of that, in goes "Curious George" or "Meet the Robinsons". Oh well. At least I don't do it EVERY DAY! Its only temporary (keep repeating, keep reapeating)
Here is a card I just designed for the "Breast Cancer Sucks!" line I started last year.

I think its important to have a sense of humor when it comes to hard times. It keeps things in perspective for me.
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