a little help from my friends

Wow, the post I got the most comments on EVER was my post on Twilight. Obsess much, girls? :)

Okay...a couple of things. Mae is getting...um..whats the word? Lets just say she is getting a case of the "terrible twos" a little early. I love her, and her sassy/silly personality. But today I had to put her in time out 5 times. And she has run out into the street twice now. I'm grateful there were no cars, or my little girl would not be here anymore. But seriously. I say NO like 800 times a day. I feel so bad, because I don't want her to think thats all mommy says. Any good parenting advice? Any good books I should read? Help? Please?

Next: I want to hear everyones budgeting/money strategies. What do you do to keep from spending too much? How do you budget your money so that its easy and everything gets taken care of? I do our budget, and I feel like its too complicated. So if anyone is willing to dish out some advice, please do. For we are about to become even poorer than we are now, which I thought was impossible.

Last: I love you guys. Seriously.
The End
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