I'm missin' you like candeeeee...yea yea! -Mandy Moore

Started "Eclipse"...*sigh*...I love it.
Anywhoodles, I stated about a week ago that I wasn't going to eat any sweets until mid July. I have done REALLY well. I've had a couple nibbles here and there, but for me (someone who craves chocolate and desserts 24/7 and actually gives into those cravings) that's pretty dang amazing. It feels good to have control over something in life, even if its a small bad habit. Its nice to know that we have the power to edit our lives however we wish. We can get rid of the bad and bring in the good. its just all up to us.
I've started getting up early again to work out, and I love that too. I'm not a morning person, but for some reason, once I get into the routine, it makes my day that much better.
Okay....done. May I also add one more thing? Have you noticed that I do this "......" alot? I believe its been passed down, in the genes. My dad does it. A LOT. Thanks Wally. Not only do I have your sense of humor, your knack for inappropriate jokes, and your bodily functions, but I also have inherited "your dot dot dot" after every stinkin' word. I'm so proud :) Love you
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