Dream House

When Tom and I lived in Holladay, Aubs and I would drive around and look at all the cute houses and day dream about our future homes. Holladay is a really charming area.
Well, I came across this beauty about two years ago and finally got back to take pictures of it. They've fixed it up quite a bit, but my guess is that it was built maybe in the early 1900's. I LOVE old houses.

The main part of the house branches off into this separate wing (above), and I just think its so unique! I like to think it was the maid quarters or something back in the day. (like I said, they've fixed it up a lot since I last saw it)
I dream of having my art room in this section.

I hate to put pressure on Tom, but I'm an artist and artists flock towards pretty things ;)

*Isn't it gorgeous?*

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