The Battle Against Breast Cancer

With camera in hand, I followed my mother through her third round of breast cancer within the last 12 years. This last bout is in her lungs and her bones. She has struggled and fought her way through chemo and radiation, and is just getting her strength back. She is a true hero, a fighter, and an inspiration to me. Never have I heard a word of complaint from her mouth, regardless of how much she has been through. .
These photos represent what a woman should be. Strong, confident, full of faith, hope, and ready to take on any challenge. My mom is that woman. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago, at the age of 37. The cancer has attacked twice more since. She has come through with flying colors, when she wasn't expected to. She is the strongest women I know and is an inspiration to everyone around her.

The slideshow goes as follows:
1-"Before Treatment" with my daughter, Mae
2-My mom was tired of her hair falling out, so she had my little sister shave her head
3-Artistic shots
4-Salt Lake City, UT LDS temple
7-Final shot is my favorite of all, so I saved it for last

I apologize for the small size of the slide show. I'm still trying to figure out how to make it bigger. You might want to go to the bottom of the page and turn off the music, because the slide show includes its own soundtrack.
Thanks for looking :)

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