The Adventures of Ollie and Squints

Once upon a spring eve (A thursdee, to be exact)
and Ollie:
went on a wonderful adventure in Ollie's jeeper. Ollie yelled,"Squints, lets please change the radio musical box. I want to hear a wondrous tune with my ears that are on the side of my head."
Squints was not excited.

Squints peered down at the radio musical box. This is what it looked like:

"What should we listen to, Ollie? What is your request?" Squints pondered out loud.

"OOOOOH!" squealed Ollie. "OOOOOOOOOOH!"

"Hurry and decide! Well, what is it? What shall the musical number be?" inquired Squints of Ollie.
"......what would you look like if I peered at you through my two fingers?" Ollie wondered aloud.

Squints sighed. "Ollie, I can't take much more of this madness. Did you take your medication today?"
"Oh boy! Did I ever! I mixed them into my cranberry oatmeal! It was delicious" honked Ollie, in the likeness of a fog horn on a foggy day at sea on a ship with some sailors who sail upon the sea and sometimes get seasick and puke in the water and make the fish sad.
"UH OH! "

"Gee, what is it Ollie? Whats the big pickle?" Squints could feel the oncoming storm.


"OH P-U! That stinks! And its NOT my birthday!" Squints guffawed.
"Oh dear! I'm so ashamed...I've been saving up! I've been clenched for two weeks! Stomach cramps! Pain! All for you!"
"Oh shucks Ollie, you are a good friend. Even if your gas did make my nose swell. I don't really mind your gas that much"

"NOOODLES! Because this birthday gift is about to make another entrance!"

Tuckered out from the days events, they drank some hot cocoa, and took a snuggle together.
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