Sawyers Room

Soy Sauces room is still in progress. I have a vintage Disney poster to frame and an old Coke bottle crate I'm turning into a shelf. But until I can get around to those things, here it is:

 Every house needs a pirate flag.

I found the vintage "Tom Sawyer" book a couple of years ago. I took it as a sign. I always knew I'd have a boy next. And its pretty cool that it has the names of the two most important guys in my life, don't you think?
(yay for crappy cell phone pics!)

 Mae painted this for Sawyer when he was still in my belly. It's all of us, standing under a rainbow. It hangs over his changing table, and he looks up at it and giggles. He loves it.

Vintage suitcases my buddy gave us.

 Soy Sauce himself! What a handsome fellow!

These are from my large collection of dolls/stuffed animals that I used to collect. In high school. :)

 What? Who's this, you ask? Just the cutest baby alive in a fuzzy aviator hat with EARS! WHAT?! I know....you get it...I adore him.

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