A few of my favorite things

About a month ago my button popped off my pants and they have been sitting sadly in the corner of my closet. Now, in the past, I would've taken this as a sign that I "needed" new jeans. yay shopping! But, I am a grown-up now ;) So I sewed on my VERY first button, and I'm quite proud of myself. Don't laugh. This is a big deal for me.

I was cleaning our apartment the other day, and it hit me that I have some really fun things around that I love seeing everyday. Here are some treasures that make me happy.
I've always wanted a sock monkey, so my sister Aubrey sewed this for me for my 24th birthday! I love him. His name is Gilbert.

An old Wendy's chair I painted in high school

Tom bought this print for me as reminder to himself to always keep the romance alive in our marriage. awwww...

A pile of art books (among many in our home) with the top two being some of my favorites. Edward Gorey is one of our favorite artists. And "Bottoms", yet another awesome gift from Aubrey. HELLO! It's a book full of bottoms from famous art pieces. Who doesn't love bottoms?

The shelf above our desk holds my favorite art "how- to" books, Thumper from my favorite movie, and a silver dish that belonged to my Grandma P. where I keep rubberbands, tacs, etc.

What are some of YOUR favorite things?

*skips away singing "raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens..."*
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