Oh say can you see...

We had a wonderful 4th!
First: we started out the day going to our ward breakfast, playing on the slides, and a little tumbling show by me. (I haven't done any tumbling since before I had Mae, so it was fun to flip around)
Next: we took Mae to the recreation center for a little swampin'. They have a really cool kids area, with a froggy slide, fountains, and more. Mae loves it. It was cold though, so we ended up snuggling under the towels.
Last: we headed to springville for some fun at the Williams', where we pigged out, met my bro's girlfriend and kids (whom we loved), watched fireworks, and played some Guitar Hero. It was a great day!
mommy tickling mae with her foot

mae steals a floating device from the neighbors

ward breakfast

grandpoo johnson feeds mae candy

daddy snuggles with mae at the pool

mommy strikes a pose

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