Uh Oh!

At the beginning of March, Mae and I took a fun trip to the pet store and bought her a betta fish and a Finding Nemo tank. She was quite excited. We named the little guy Grover, because he is blue, and Mae and both love Sesame Street.

Well, Mae decided to dump her fish tank over yesterday. I grabbed the wriggling fish in my bare hands as Tom ran around, arms flailing about, trying to find some kind of device we could put Grover in. He came up with my q-tip holder. Little Grover was safe and sound.

And then Mae decided to unravel the toilet paper, bring it out in our room, and then blow her nose with the very tip. What a mischief maker!

Mae has gotten her love of Sesame Street from the her mommy. (horray!) and we love to watch this youtube video of "Happy Tapping with Elmo". The first video is Mae dancing to it. Hilarious. The second is even funnier, because she falls down, and her face is a hoot! I love her.

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